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The NOVAPLAK® range presents a wide collection of colors, and textures aimed at creating beautiful yet practical flooring solutions. NOVAPLAK® sheets can be grooved and cut to size to suit all needs, lending itself to creative vision and design. Learn more »


NOVAPLAK® is an eco-friendly product that offers a practical response to the enviromental demands of professionals and individuals. This product offers an excellent value for money while respecting the norms and standards of eco-design. Learn more »


NOVAPLAK® with a smooth or structured appearance offers multiple textures, for Exterior/ Interior cladding. The product is rot-proof, highly resistant, chemically inert, easy to clean, impact resistant, easy to machine with woodworking tools, dyed, lacquered on the surface with special PVC paints or painted with acrylic paints commonly used in construction. Learn more »


Ideal for all flooring in humid areas, NOVAMARINE® is flexible and easy to install. It is
 a range of high-performing products that offers more comfort when used. It is water and moisture-proof, non-inflating and non-slipping.
It combines the advantages of being lightweight and offering a wide range of colors in order to meet the optimum customer’s requirements. Learn more »


NOVAPLAK® integrates its own boards and ridges which allows for clean improved finishing as well as simplified assembly. It is chemically inert to the decomposition of natural residues created by birds, leaves, and weather conditions. Learn more »


NOVAPLAK® is a mutli use fire retardant formwork sheet for architectural concrete. A durable Plywood substitute, NOVAPLAK® does not need a release agent and requires no special tools to be cut and shaped. It is a time efficient solution as it is easily removed from the mold and offers the possibility of texturing the concrete surface simultaneously. Moreover, it is highly scratch resistant and economical: it can be re-used multiple times without being damaged by wet concrete. The sheets can be directly molded into circular forms. Learn more »



Other usage

Through its malleability, NOVAPLAK® can be adapted to different forms of applications, generating eco-friendly solutions to existing problems. It can be easily cut, bent, grroved and painted to customize all your various needs. Learn more »
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